Why another blog?

I am basically a scholar by genre who loves to learn and experience new things everyday. Traversing through new sites in search of something new and interesting is an everyday routine.

Wanting to write a blog isn’t my epiphany. I have been thinking about this for quite some months now. In the course of last few years, I have learned various new artifacts ranging from engineering to psychology; often subjects which are pretty intricate and on which I had no previous knowledge.

In the course of learning, I have found that the more I study, the more I know, I seem to lose grasp of what I learn. So I thought, I would try to write everyday a little on what I learn, both to reinforce my understanding and enable my peers to learn in a few minutes which might have taken me several hours or even days to grasp.

I will end each post with a motto so that the reader might get the point just by looking at it.

ITEE FE Certified Engineer Android Engineer @ BJIT Venturing transition into ML and NLP